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Apply SEO Rules

When User find products in your site, They will select specific values to filter out best match items in your site.SEO rules helps you to available these data in Search Engine.

What is SEO Rule?

SEO Rule is a set of parameters that determine what exactly filtering results should be available for indexing by Search Engines and also define of SEO-parameters should be generated on these pages.

Note: Page should be indexed to get filtering options data in the search engine.

How to Set SEO Rule?

  • After go to Filter Plus -> Settings -> SEO Rules
  • Active option Refresh URL when Filtering. It will enable SEO options.
  • Add SEO elements: [Title,Description,Header]. It will change the following options in the frontend.
    • Header: Define value for H1 tag on Filtering Pages matched the SEO Rule.
    • Title:The contents of this field will be displayed in the <title> … </title> tags on the filtering page that you have selected from the SEO Rule
    • Description: Defines value of the content attribute of meta description tag on filtering pages matched the SEO Rule
  • SEO elements Format: Set SEO options format. It will change in the SEO Title,SEO Description,Header accordingly.
  • Use slug in URL: Change filtering option displaying pattern in the URL.
    • Use name: ?fp=categories=[Clothing][Tags=Pickup][Size=Large]
    • Use slug:?fp=categories=[clothing][Tags=pickup][Colors=blue]
  • Nice Url: Turn on the options to change the URL to be SEO friendly.

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